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Our approach is to treat every client as unique. We offer total custom website design from start to finish. We take a consultative approach to your needs. Our goal is to give you a web site that you will be proud of, will meet your goals and objectives and keep your visitors and customers coming back.

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Steps To Take If You Need A Website

If you are contemplating a website, then we suggest that you follow these steps:

Step 1

Register your domain name only. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HOSTING WITH THE DOMAIN REGISTRATION because you do not know what your hosting requirements will be at this point, but you want to always maintain control of your domain name and you need a full service domain name provider with live 24/7/365 Customer Service. We suggest using one following domain registrar: www.GoDaddy.com
Registration is under $15 a year.

IMPORTANT: We suggest that you do not let anyone else register your domain name for you, even as part of a web design package. The person registering the domain name is technically the owner of the name and you run the risk of losing control of your domain name at some point.

Step 2

Consult with a website designer to determine what your needs are and what your hosting requirements will be based on the web site you want designed. We offer a no cost, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Step 3

Work with your website designer each step of the way to speed up the process. We provide you with an actual virtual site during the design process so you can see what the actual site will look like to visitors and test how it will function.

Step 4

Once your website design is complete, we can help you select a hosting company that provides the specifications that your site requires to function properly. We offer hosting plans and we work with several 3rd party providers to insure that you have the best options available.

Our Approach to Web Design

In order for us to be successful for you we have a very simple and straight forward approach as to how we will work with you. The process begins after you contact us.

Initial Consultation

(No cost – No obligation in person or conference call) Consultation purpose is for both parties to “interview” each other. We will do an assessment of your needs and parameters

Quotation Submission

Within 72 hours after Initial Consultation

Quotation Acceptance by Client

Simple Agreement Executed

Informational/Design Conference

Determine Content, Colors, Fonts, Styles, Logo and Graphics, Special Needs and Other Material (if available)

Demo Layout

Create a virtual 1-2 page layout for review, changes and approval

Website Design

After layout approval 5-20 days of design time depending on size and scope of site and delivery of materials by client

Delivery of On-line Working Design

Client Review, Testing, Loading to Webserver (1-3 Days)”Go Live”

30 Day Free Support

Errors, Broken Links, etc.

If you have been considering the possibilities of a web site for your business or organization, then you should contact us to discuss your needs. We provide free quotes.

So call 817-247-6003!