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Our approach is to treat every client as unique. We offer total custom website design from start to finish. We take a consultative approach to your needs. Our goal is to give you a web site that you will be proud of, will meet your goals and objectives and keep your visitors and customers coming back.
Steps to Take
If you are contemplating a website, then we suggest that you follow these steps:
1. Register your domain name only. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HOSTING WITH THE DOMAIN REGISTRATION because you do not know what your hosting requirements will be at this point, but you want to always maintain control of your domain name and you need a full service domain name provider with live 24/7/365 Customer Service. We suggest using one following domain registrars: or
Registration is under $50 for 2 years.

. Consult with a website designer to determine what your needs are and what your hosting requirements will be based on the web site you want designed. We offer a no cost, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Work with your website designer each step of the way to speed up the process. We provide you with an actual virtual site during the design process so you can see what the actual site will look like to visitors and test how it will function.
DFW Web Design Design Flow Chart
4. Once your website design is complete, select a hosting company that provides the specifications that your site requires to function properly. We offer hosting plans and we work with several 3rd party providers to insure that you have the best options available.
Web Design vs Web Development
Design and Development are terms often used loosely and interchangeably in discussions about web projects. However, each has a different meaning, and each refers to a differing set of tasks and objectives.
Web design generally refers to the art of creating a graphical interface for a web site. It includes everything from selecting color schemes to creating the graphics that define the layout of each page. Also bundled into the design, are the steps that are taken to convert the graphical representation into a static, functional site. This includes conversion to HTML and other browser-display technologies. For most practical purposes, web design can provide a complete web site based on static information that does not change frequently, and does not depend on user interaction for functionality.
Web development takes over where design ends. Development almost always involves utilizing databases to provide functionality. User accounts, eCommerce, dynamic content, and client-editable content, are all examples of functions that are provided through development rather than design.
Although design and development each has distinctive and differing tasks, a smooth workflow between a designer and a developer is essential, and best achieved when each understands the basics of the other. Since design can best be summarized as “appearance” and development refers to “functionality”, it becomes easier to not only see how each is different, but to realize how closely they work together.
Some examples of design and development functions are as follows:
Design: Development:
Concept design User authentication
Art and logo creation Content management solutions
Font and color selections eCommerce shopping carts
Imagery Image galleries
Conversion to HTML Permissions-based content
Simple form processing Product catalogs
  Custom applications
Choosing A Designer
Things you should consider when selecting a website designer for your project.
Contact us now and we will provide you with a no-cost, no obligation quote.
Our Website Features
We want you to get the best website possible. To do this we include many features that other designers charge extra for as standard in our designs.
Search Engine Friendly Design
  Clean and proper code including all metatags required by the major search engines on all pages

Key Word and Page Description Code
  Included on all pages

Fully optimized Home page
  Complete image Alt Tags, Header link, keyword rich text

Date Script for Copyright Statement
  This insures your copyright date is always up to date and does not make your site appear to be out dated because of an old date

Anti-Spam Encoding
  We encrypt email addresses to prevent spam bots from mining your address for spamming

Search Engine Submission
  We submit your completed site to over 40 different search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN and provide you with a submission report

All of these features and more included in each of our website designs for 2009 at no additional cost to you!
Our Design Process
In order for us to be successful for you we have a very simple and straight forward approach as to how we will work with you. The process begins after you contact us.
Initial Meeting
(No cost - No obligation in person or conference call) Meeting purpose is for both parties to "interview" each other. We will do an assessment of your needs and parameters
Quotation Submission
Within 72 hours after Initial Meeting
Quotation Acceptance by Client
Simple Agreement Executed
Informational/Design Meeting
Determine Content, Colors, Fonts, Styles, Logo and Graphics, Special Needs and Other Material (if available)
Website Design
5-20 days depending on size and scope of site and delivery of materials by client
Delivery of On-line Working Design
Client Review, Testing, Loading to Webserver (1-3 Days)
"Go Live"
Delivery of Graphics and files to Client
Search Engine & Directory Submission
30 Day Free Support
Errors, Omissions, Broken Links, etc